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What Does Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise Actually Mean?

March 22, 2021

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

What Does Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise Actually Mean

Origani stands for “Sustainable Luxury, without Compromise”. 

We craft only the highest quality, key ingredient dense products and we focus on doing this in the most sustainable way possible. Today we'll be exploring what that commitment actually means and how it is reflected in our processes. 

Research And Development:

At Origani we strive to ensure that our entire process, from concept, through development and right into your hands, is as sustainable as possible. This all starts with how we formulate our products:

We’re Particular About Our Ingredient Sourcing

We believe that the sustainability of your products should start right at the beginning of their life cycle, not just when they reach the turning-into-skincare part of the process. That's why Origani is committed to sourcing only the finest quality natural and organic ingredients. We strive to only source from growers who plant and grow these ingredients ethically and those who focus on nurturing the environment around them, as well as their crops.

Additionally, because the majority of our ingredients are certified organic, you can be sure that they have been grown without human interference or nasty chemicals. 

We Don’t Participate In Animal Testing

Our products are NEVER tested on animals. Anything that wears the Origani brand goes through rigorous lab testing to ensure safety for application, and is then tested on human volunteers within our HQ.

Not only does this mean that you can sleep easy knowing your moisturiser wasn't tested on fluffy, but it also helps ensure that our products are as effective and luxurious as possible as we get feedback from our team on the way things feel and work long before they ever go to market. 

We Offer An Extensive Vegan Skincare Range

Another way that we express our commitment to sustainability is via our Vegan skincare and makeup ranges. While there are certain, non-vegan ingredients that are sometimes required to get the best out of a product (think our cult favourite, best selling Manuka Honey Peel) we always strive to have our products be as vegan as possible. 

This helps us to protect our animal friends and make our products accessible for those who choose to follow this lifestyle both for personal and environmental reasons. 

Product Packaging:

In order to get them to you, and keep them nice and fresh, our products need their own individual homes. We want to ensure that this has as little environmental impact as possible, so we do things a little differently. 

We Love Glass

The majority of our products are packaged within glass bottles or jars. This is because glass is one of the most sustainable materials that you can craft from thanks to the way it is made, how your glass packaging lives its life, and how it is dealt with when it no longer serves its initial purpose.

Unnecessary Extras? We Don’t Know Them

Traditionally, skincare products are wrapped in cellophane to provide a tamper seal. While maintaining the integrity of our products for you is obviously of the highest importance, we’ve found that this is just as easy with a small seal on the box. This option is far more environmentally friendly than cellophane wrappers and also allows us to avoid shrink wrapping our products.  

Any Plastic That Is Used In Our Packaging Is Both Recycled And Recyclable

Sometimes plastic simply isn’t avoidable. It is often required to ensure the safety and functionality of a product. That doesn’t mean, however, that we should simply accept whichever plastic comes our way first. All plastic used in our packaging is both recycled and recyclable making it far better for our planet.

Our Packing Beans Are Instantly Biodegradable

When our products start their journey from us to you, we know it’s going to be a bumpy ride so we fill up any spare space in your order box with our adorable little packing beans. We’ve been asked some questions regarding the sustainability of these little guys, and you can rest assured that they’re entirely eco-friendly.

In fact, all you have to do to completely remove them from existence once you've safely received your skincare is pop them in some water. They'll melt away to nothing and you'll be free to carry on with your day knowing you've made a great choice for the environment. 

Online Sustainability 

Many people presume that online retail is instantly more sustainable as it lives in the web, rather than an energy intensive store. While this is true in many cases, there's always room for improvement. Physical stores can power themselves with solar and reduce their wastage as two simple ways to help out the planet, but things become a little more complex when you're working online.

We Offset Our Website Emissions

The main resource consumed by online retail is electricity. You need power in your device to access our site and we need a constant stream to our servers to make sure we can keep things live and running smoothly for you. To combat the impact of this, we participate in a CO2 offset program.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page anywhere on our site, you will see that we have a CO2 Neutral Website badge. This is because for every visit that we receive, the emissions generated by that traffic are calculated and trees are planted to offset these emissions. This means you can browse our products, blogs and info completely guilt free because all of the time you spend with us is being offset literally as we speak. 

We Provide The Option To Offset Your Entire Order

Although we do our best to be as sustainable as possible, our inability to control the environmental impact of external aspects such as freight, means that we can’t guarantee that your order will be completely carbon neutral. 

However, we are pleased to announce that thanks to our friends at EcoCart, you now have the ability to ensure that your order is completely sustainable and net zero. Simply tick the “Make My Order Carbon Neutral” check box on the quick cart pop up or cart page to add the amount calculated by EcoCart to your order.

This means that your entire order will have a net zero carbon impact and that you’ll be helping out with great initiatives like providing clean drinking water for communities, building sustainable power sources such as wind farms and protecting forests around the world!

Sustainability In The Office

Although what we get up to in our office has a much smaller impact than our other activities, we still want to do our bit to be as eco-friendly as possible here as well. 

We Don’t Use Disposable Cups

While many companies have little disposable plastic cups at the water cooler and styrofoam ones by the coffee - that just doesn’t sit well with our ethos.

Our employees here at HQ in Melbourne, Australia all bring their own drink bottles in and when we drink our tea and coffee, it’s from our own mug or glass. This may not seem like much but when we consider the massive environmental impact of single use cups globally, we’re proud to be able to say we’re doing our bit to help stop this. 

We’ve Got Office Plants Everywhere

Our little plant friends help purify the air and are great for us and the environment. Although this obviously doesn’t have the largest impact, every step in the right direction is a good one as every little thing helps. Plus, environments that feature greenery are generally more productive and better productivity = more sustainable operation. 

If We Don’t Need To Print It - We Don’t

As a business we’ll never be able to be completely paper free. This is due to the need for packing slips, shipping labels and other requirements for actually getting your products to you, but we do our best to avoid unnecessary printing in the office.

Sustainability Once Our Products Come To You

Just because our products have left our warehouse doesn’t mean that we don’t want to keep in touch with them (and you of course). While there isn’t much that we can do directly once our goodies are out of the nest, we have put a few options in place to help you get involved without having to put in much effort at all:

For Every Product You Buy, We Plant A Tree

The latest addition to our sustainability suite is our participation in Tree Nation’s 1 Product, 1 Tree program. This means that for every product you purchase via origani.com we’ll plant a tree in your name. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Tree Nation following your order confirmation so you can plant your new little friend while you think about how great it is that you’re doing wonders for your skin and the planet. 

The Three R’s

By the time your skincare gets to you, we’ve covered the reduce and reuse part of the equation with our recycled plastics and sustainable packaging design, but when you finish your bottle or jar, it’s your turn to join in.

All of our glass packaging can be popped straight in your glass recycling bin, the box your beauty balm came in can go in your paper and cardboard one and any other componentry you may have can also be popped in the relevant recycling bin. 

So there you have it, some of the main sustainability points on your skincare’s journey to you!

Let us know in the comments how you boost the sustainability of your lifestyle (apart from using your Origani products of course) and have yourself a wonderful day.