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Origani Valentines Gift & Activity Guide

February 02, 2021

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

Origani Valentines Gift & Activity Guide

With the most romantic day of the year coming up, we thought it would be fun to create an Origani Valentines Gift & Activity Guide.

Below we’ll be sharing some of our favourite natural presents to give and things to do this coming February 14th. And if you’re not coupled up, never fear, everything on our list can be done alone if you’re chasing a little self-love.

The Perfect Present For Your Loved One (Or Yourself) This Valentines Day

Origani Limited Edition Love Locks Bracelets

To celebrate the love in the air this month, we’re releasing some Limited Edition Love Locks Bracelets. Specially designed to add a little extra sparkle to your life this Valentines Day, we have leather bands available for the man in your life and gorgeous gold ones for your lovely lady.

Lovingly crafted and featuring our signature O, these bands are elegant enough for fancy events, but simple enough that you can wear them every day if you choose to.

Our limited edition Love Lock Bracelets are available as standalone purchases if you want to express a little self-love and grab one for yourself and in His&Hers, Hers&Hers and His&His sets for those who are coupled up!

Perfect for those with a gift focused Love Language, these bracelets make a wonderful token of affection that your loved one can keep with them at all times, but get in quick because stocks are strictly limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Manuka Honey Experience

Our Manuka Honey Experience is an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

Packed full of premium Australian Manuka Honey with a minimum 30MGO (and a massive 250MGO in our Manuka Honey Peel), this set has healing properties, smells delicious and will leave you feeling cleansed, nourished and refreshed.

Experience includes Manuka Honey Facial Peel, Manuka Honey Soap & Manuka Honey Lip Balm.

Origani Self-Care Packs

Our Self-Care Packs are the love child of our collaboration with local candlemaker New Moon Scents. Designed around five themes: tranquility, wellness, happiness, rejuvenation and harmony, these packs will help you achieve your inner zen and let the good vibes flow.

Stressed partners will love these little goodie boxes or if you’re feeling cheeky, keep them for yourself. Or pretend you’re sharing by burning your fabulous scented candle while having a romantic dinner. 


Total Care For Hands & Nails Kit

Is the word manicure a regular part of your vocabulary? Then look no further than our Total Care For Hands & Nails Kit.

Complete with a nail file and buffer, our fabulous Hand & Nail Perfection Cream and our healing cuticle oil, this set is the ideal gift for the partner who’s obsessed with having their hands on point at all times.

Plus, it’s perfect for those looking to save a bit of greenery with a DIY nail art approach. Simply apply your preferred colour after treating your hands and boom - you’ve got an at home manicure. 

Floraly Bouquets

Want to send something a bit more special than the standard bouquet of roses? We’re teaming up with Floraly this Valentines Day to send some floral sustainable luxury your way.

Floraly deliver farm fresh flowers to your (or your loved ones) door in a gorgeous, environmentally friendly, gift box and every purchase includes care instructions and some tasty plant food to ensure your new friends last as long as possible.

Since you’re part of the Origani family, you get a special deal on all Floraly orders from now until February 19. Simply enter the code ‘LOVE10’ when checking out on their site to claim your 10% discount on bouquets and subscriptions. 

Origani Gift Cards

Not sure what exactly to get for your beloved? Our Origani Gift Cards are a great option for those with indecisive partners. You’ll be giving the gift of choice and ensuring that they can get exactly what they want. 

Fun Natural Valentines Day Activity Ideas

Go Camping (Or Glamping)

Camping is a great way to get back in touch with nature. It’s also a wonderful way to strengthen your bond with your partner, as you’re generally cut off from the outside world thanks to a lack of service in the middle of nowhere. This makes it the perfect activity for those with the quality time love language.

Plus, it’s super easy to organise. Simply find somewhere you’d like to go, pack up the basics, jump in the car and hit the road. You can bring your furry friends along if you want to and it’s scientifically proven that getting out in nature is great for our mental states, so you’ll benefit in that way too.

If a tent, swag, or the back of a ute isn’t really your style, there are plenty of glamping options readily available. Simply decide whether you want a fancy tent, cabin, or something else, and then book in with your favourite option. Glamping experiences also often come with breakfast and other goodies included so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. 

Spend The Day At The Beach

There are few things more romantic than watching the sun set over the waves. Grab a blanket (or a large beach towel) and see for yourself.

You can make a day of it (and support the local community) by heading down a bit earlier and enjoying lunch or dinner at one of the small businesses that often dot the road opposite the beach, then spend the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine. 

Go On A Winery (Or Distillery Tour)

Aussies are known for loving our booze, so why not turn the stereotype into a fun day trip? Vineyards and distilleries often have tours where they’ll show off how things are made, give you plenty of free samples and maybe even throw in a romantic candlelit dinner. 

Go For A Picnic

Want to go out for a cute meal but don’t want to feel suffocated in the same restaurant everyone else in town booked a table at? Why not pack a picnic and head out to a local lake or park?

If you don’t want to put everything together yourself there are plenty of platters and hampers available that will make for just as special of a feed, without the stress, and all you really need for this activity is a basket to keep everything in and a blanket to sit on. 

Spend The Day In Your PJs

There’s something so comforting about being close enough with someone that you can just spend the day relaxing together in your pyjamas. If your relationship is at that level (or you’re celebrating your love with yourself) why not treat yourself to a delicious breakfast in bed and just spend your time relaxing with each other? Bonus points here if you switch your phones off and focus on expressing love and building a deeper connection.

While this one may not technically be considered “natural”, since your home is essentially your natural environment, and it’s such a great way to build intimacy, we let it onto the list. 

Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day - Especially With Yourself

Valentine's Day is literally a day dedicated to love and we think that’s pretty cool!

Although we should show love to ourselves and others every day of the year, it can be easy to slip into a routine and lose that spark of joy that comes with centering yourself or reconnecting with your partner.

By taking this day to express how much your significant other means to you (or how much you mean to yourself) you can form deeper relationships and increase your overall feelings of wellbeing which can provide a whole host of benefits. 

Happy Valentine's Day!