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The Expert Speaks: 3 Surprising ‘Natural Beauty’ Myths Busted!

August 02, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

The Expert Speaks: 3 Surprising ‘Natural Beauty’ Myths Busted!

I have been in the beauty game for 20 years. I have worked across too many brands to count (working for concept beauty store companies to single branded ones.) One of the best perks of working in Education and Training is the volume of products that have come across my desk - it would come close to the 1000’s!

As a self-confessed cosmetic enthusiast, actually no, fanatic, I can honestly say that I have tried them all – and loved every minute of it. Having worked across all different type of brands with different philosophies, ingredients and technologies, I have also had some excellent insight from chemists, formulators and creators of various products and their overall efficacies and performance.

So, what I can say is that through my journey, there have been a number of beauty beliefs I have assumed that have been proven wrong and a few truths that I can hand on my heart declare real!

A lot of the misinformation I am talking about is related to assumptions held about ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ based beauty products. There are a lot of misconceptions on the effectiveness of these types of skincare formulas. Let’s dispel some of those myths!

Myth #1: Natural and organic skincare is not as effective as ‘active/lab designed’ skincare.

Natural and organic skincare products are generally perceived to have a ‘softer’ approach to treating the skin, being less ‘results driven’ in comparison to cosmeceutical, Dr. designed or ‘active’ products that hint at a more scientific edge.

This is not necessarily true at all. Long gone are the days when choosing ‘green’ skincare meant sacrificing scientific validation and results. In actual fact, many natural and organic brands are pushing the boundaries of science with delivery systems and ingredient innovation that prove both potency and effectiveness.

The Origani philosophy: Origani skincare favours organic and naturally derived biocompatible ingredients. Given the right nutrients, the skin has remarkable healing and restorative power and organic ingredients are essentially BIOCOMPATIBLE – this means that the skin readily and positively responds to them, without having a toxic or injurious effect to the skin’s biological processes.

In short, at Origani, we understand that organic ingredients work best with the sophisticated natural systems of the skin.


Myth #2: All natural skincare is equal.

The truth is, the word ‘natural’ does not mean the same thing for all brands. Not only is the definition of ‘natural’ hazy, but the term is loosely regulated, so any cosmetics company can use it to mean however they intend it to mean.

There are many brands that brazenly claim they are ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ or ‘organic,’ when in fact, some of them use only a small amount of natural ingredients in them combined with other cosmetic synthetics.

There are though, brands that really do abide by natural philosophies, doing everything they can to use plant-based ingredients and omit the chemical nasties that can compromise the integrity of the skin.

Origani is one of those brands: committed to discovering the best that nature and science can harness, the brand has evolved to create superior formulations containing rare certified organic ingredients. Also, we believe in sustainable luxury without compromise.

Our advice is:

✓ Read the ingredient profile on the back of the box. This is a great indication of how ‘natural’ a formula really is!
✓ Look at the quantity of naturally listed plant-based ingredients in the listing. There should be many listed, not just one or two!
✓ Look for their positioning through the list. The higher the ingredient is listed, the high the concentration.
✓ Look for what is not in it. Opt for products whereby ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and growth hormones.


    Myth #3: Mineral makeup is unflattering.

    I will admit, I used to believe this.

    It took me a long time to try mineral makeup and I remember the exact day it was: I was on a flight home from a conference with a mineral make-up brand in London and one of the brands’ make-up artists did my make up on the morning I was due to depart for home. I flew home and after I arrived 18 hours later, my partner who picked me up at the airport told me I looked surprisingly great!

    I couldn’t believe it that when I looked in the mirror, I did in fact look fresh faced and well, pretty good!

    I came to learn that you have to use a good one to get the best results: when you do, these are the incredible benefits:

    • 1. Mineral makeup keeps your complexion fresh all day due to its micro-absorptive properties and its ability to allow your skin to breathe.
    • 2. The colour of the foundation does not change and the foundation does not become patchy as oil is regularly absorbed throughout the day – it does not oxidise.
    • 3. Breakouts are less when switching to mineral formulas as they are free from fillers and other pore-blocking ingredients.
    • 4. Any coverage is possible and you can re-apply over make-up and it still looks good!
    • 5. Any redness or inflammation is camouflaged while at the same time the skin is calmed.
    • 6. The skin feels so good due to its weightlessness.
    • 7. Contrary to popular belief, mature skin can use mineral make up and look amazing. Simply apply a little less and buff it in well.

    Remember, good quality make up is as important as good quality skincare.

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    See you next time for some more cool beauty info to inspire and inform you! xx


    Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup. Sustainable Luxury Without Compromise.