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Covid-19 Food Drive for Those in Need: An Origani Fundraiser

May 28, 2020

Posted by Beauty Advisor

The situation as it stands:

On any given night across Australia, more than 116,000 people are homeless and hungry. That number has seen a noticeable increase in rough sleeping in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, despite emergency Covid-19 funding.

On the backstreets and in sheltered doorways of cities around the country, thousands of rough sleepers — unable to comply with the directive to "stay home" — are emerging as a source of growing concern in the battle against COVID-19.

Covid-19 Food Drive for Those in Need: An Origani Fundraiser


The facts:

Did you know that more than 116,000 homeless in Australia?

Covid-19 Food Drive for Those in Need: An Origani Fundraiser

Moreover, there is a lack of food because many food services are no longer delivering and church-run soup kitchens have been forced to close down.


ORIGANI wants to help.

Origani is both donating to and initiating some fundraising to bring ‘Care Packs’ to those in need. These packs include all sorts of food from snacks to breakfasts and personal care items.

But for us, it’s also more than just about food. We realise that due to the Coronavirus social restrictions, the reduction of support given to these people has had a heartbreaking effect.

These people really depend on that human connection and when they collect food, they also interact with someone who will be listening and genuinely asking how they are and what they need.

Every person should have access to good food, but this global pandemic is threatening the fight to end hunger. By donating, you will be helping supply something essential to someone in need: food and dignity.


How can you help?

Join the movement and act on this issue with Origani!