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Complexion Perfection – The Origani Story Behind It

August 16, 2019

Posted by Beauty Advisor




I have worked in the beauty business for 22 years (I started early!). It’s been an amazing journey to experience it all, but the best part comes from seeing the real results of hard work and commitment. The best thing about a good beauty story? One that’s ending unfolds just the way it should have. This one has helped countless people overcome the most stubbornly defining global skin concern: Pigmentation. And so, the story goes…


Origani’s co-founder, a mother, pharmacist, product developer and all-round delightful gal-pal, Hili Yossef fell pregnant in the year of 2013. As we know, there are both joys and challenges of pregnancy and while she gave birth to a beautiful little boy, her face was left with the very common marks of pro-creation – Melasma (AKA pregnancy mask): brown patches of pigmentation typically found on the forehead, cheeks and neck.


It bothered her, but she knew she was certainly in the right place to try to tackle the issue head on. The thing was, our R&D team knew that treating hyperpigmentation successfully using organics had never truly been done and being an organic cosmetics company, Origani stood committed to not letting the task beat us. It was going to take some time as fading existing pigmentation and stopping its actual formation are 2 different things and we had to do both. So, 5 years went by with countless formulas and tests done, confronting the beast of Vitamin C stability, safety, results and multi-active ingredient compatibility – all while using organics.


So, how does the story end you may ask? Well, 2 wonderful things happened:

1. A 100% natural, organic line to successfully treat pigmentation had been perfected.

2. Miracle bubby number 2 was conceived. This time, a perfect little girl.


After cracking the code of treating hyperpigmentation topically, Hili no longer worried about the same skin concerns through/after her second pregnancy and all of the hard work left her feeling so empowered to launch our incredible pigmentation-fighting product duo to the world that was so safe yet brilliantly effective. Complexion Perfection was born.



Known As: skin discolouration, sunspots, hyperpigmentation, liver spots, dark spots and age spots
Cause: Increase in melanin production. Melanin is what gives skin its pigment.
How? At the bottom of our epidermis, we have skin cells called Melanocytes. Once they are activated, they start to
produce melanin. Melanin travels all the way up the epidermis and creates a skin pigment (colour).
Why? Melanocytes are activated by exposure to sunlight, acne scarring, laser treatments, medications, hormones
and pollution.



1. Weekly exfoliation with AHA’s Peel
treatments (Manuka Honey Peel)
2. Sun protection UVA & UVB – of highest SPF grade for daily use (even on cloudy ones).
3. Topical skincare that both brightens and fades dark spots and also inhibits melanin cells from reaching the top layer of skin (Complexion Perfection)



Complexion Perfection Ultra Bright Serum: A daily treatment serum for Pigmentated and Dull skin

Key Ingredients: Certified Organic GIGAWHITE™, a complex of 7 powerful Swiss Alpine extracts selected for their powerful Tyrosinase inhibiting ability. Bio-active ILLUMISCIN® helps to reduce Lipofuscin pigmentation. Boosted with AHA fruit acid, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid, the skin is left beautifully brightened and plumped.
Key Benefits: Reduces the size, contour and colour of hyperpigmentation while preventing it from returning. Skin is left hydrated, plumper, brighter and more even in skin tone.


    Complexion Perfection Dark Spot Correction Concentrate: A targeted brightening treatment pen for hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

    Key Ingredients: An intensive concentrated AHA complex of Lactic Acid (5%), Lime Pearl Caviar and fruit acids works in synergy with Biovitamin C Glucoside to exfoliate, fade pigmentation and brighten the skin.
    Key benefits: Reduces the appearance of dark spots and lines and wrinkles while providing superior antioxidant protection.



      Results start to appear in 4 weeks, once the 28 days skin turnover cycle has been renewed.

      ✓ All forms of pigmentation will be visibly reduced.
      ✓ Skin colour will appear brighter.
      ✓ Skin colour will appear more even: reducing the need for strong makeup coverage.


        I recently asked Hili why this was one of the biggest highlights of her career in cosmetic formulating. She responded, “We made a certified organic chemical peel – that was something we once thought impossible.” So, it’s evident why we at Origani headquarters can’t help but adore our Complexion Perfection duo. Try them for yourself. Your skin will be so happy you did!


        Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.