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June 28, 2024

Posted by Elegance IT Solution


While it’s nice to go to the salon and treat yourself to a manicure every 2 weeks, at a time where the cost of living is skyrocketing and time is poor, the at-home manicure is proving to be a more economical and practical way of keeping up with the grooming side of things while minimising excess spending. The “Clean girl nails” trend is also HUGE and while it is technically a trend, it never seems to un-trend! The at-home natural manicure screams clean, class and safety– everything Origani stands for. 

So, if you want unbelievably crystal-like shiny nails the natural way all done in the comfort of your own home, then Origani’s globally celebrated Total Care Nail Collection is an essential must-have for beauty enthusiasts obsessed with flawless looking glossy ‘Au Naturel’ nails minus any polish. Oh, and when we say the shiniest nails, you have ever seen, we mean the shiniest! 



  • Natural nails are back in a big way. A clean and natural nail oozes simplicity and elegance and compliments every look or style you are going for. Also let’s mention you avoid the EEK of the “chipped nail look” that is always a big no-no. 
  • Cost – effectiveness: Regular fortnightly visits to the salon can rack up on the monthly credit card bill and often when we go to get our nails done, it doesn’t include a proper healthy nail treatment. It is also fair to say that once you start, it is hard to stop due to the maintenance and up-keep required. 
  • Recovery and repair from acrylic or treated nail damage: Its widely known that getting your nails professionally done on a regular basis can really hurt the strength and health of our natural nails. This is usually the result of the chemicals used and the removal process, and the outcome is often brittle and too-soft nail beds with microcracking. Sometimes it’s important to give your nails a break from the harsher semi-permanent salon nail treatments but when we do so, you are then left with the pain of letting the damaged nail grow out which can often look unflattering. Origani’s Total Nail Repair Kit is here to the rescue! 
  • Time effective: Time is of the essence and constant trips to a sail technician is quite time consuming at regular 1-hour appointments. That’s not to mention the extra time it takes for extensions and intricate nail art etc. No thanks! I think a cup of tea and doing my nails while I binge a Netflix series sounds so much more appealing! 
  • Self-pampering is a wonderful way to relax: Busy times call for frantic moments and it’s now more important than ever in our hectic lives to own our overall wellbeing, by giving ourselves a little time and self-love back. Set the spa vibes, light a candle, and make an herbal cuppa (or pour a glass of wine Hehe) and paper yourself with an at-home manicure. 
  • Prevention of premature damage to our hands: There is lots of stress put on our hands a million times a day. Our hands are continuously exposed to the environment, frequently used, and washed and sanitised and there is no doubt we are drying them out and making them more vulnerable to ageing in the process. In fact, did you know that your hands can make you look older than you actually are? Why? We pay so much attention to caring for our faces and forget that our hands are just as exposed to sun damage from direct daily environmental exposure, dehydration from washing and chemicals and constant friction which makes the skin on our hands fragile, parched and discoloured, with volume loss making the veins on the back of our hand look more pronounced.
  • Safety and health benefits: Nasty chemicals like the ‘toxic trio’ (toluene, DBP & formaldehyde) are often found in nail polish and nail treatments. These can be harmful when absorbed or ingested -so if you bite your nails or wear polish, this is something to think about! 

    Stay healthy and chemical-free with the 4-piece Origani Total Care Kit for Hands & Nails for youthful looking manicured hands and salon-like perfect glossy nails – all natural and minus the harmful stuff plus the added benefit of doing it in the comfort of home. Origani’s expert Total Care Kit for Hands & Nails include all your essentials for the strongest mirror-like shiny nails you will ever experience minus any nail polish! 

    Kit includes: 

    1. Body Hand & Nail Perfection Cream 100mL:A super rich treatment for hands and nails, which provides all-day protection and hydration for strong nails and beautifully youthful looking hands.
    2. Body Nourishing Cuticle Oil 10 mL: Contains plant extracts to nourish, moisturise and strengthen nails and hands.
    3. Nail File:A quality made emery board to shape your nails perfectly and effortlessly.
    4. Nail Shine Buffer:The ultimate 4-sided nail tool to smooth and polish your nails for a glass-like shine finish - minus the chemicals.



    Step 1: 

    Give your hands a thorough wash with a nourishing soap such as our Origani Face & Body Cleansing Bar. This will ensure you have a nice clean canvas to get started with and can help protect you from infection if you’re the type who likes to push their cuticles. This is also the stage where you’ll want to use your nail brush to remove any dirt or debris that has found its way under your talons. 


    Step 2: 

    Now your hands are fresh and clean, it's time to give your nails some shaping with a high-quality nail file. There is a right and wrong way to file your nails. File from the base to the center rather than simply running the file across the whole edge and NEVER run your nail file backwards and forwards no matter how tempting this may be as it can cause considerable damage. Decide on which shape you feel best suits your hands and gently sculpt your nails to match. Origani recommends a short to medium soft ‘squoval’ or rounded nail look.

    Step 3: If you want to push your cuticles back, it’s time to grab your cuticle tool and gently relocate them to your desired position. 

    Step 4: The nail buffer block comes next. This multipurpose tool is fabulous for smoothing, stimulating, and polishing your nails. You will note that this beauty accessory has three distinct types of buffers, this is because there are three stages to achieving that perfect shine. 


    1. First Use the dark grey buffing panel to remove ridges and stains. This buffing panel should be gently rubbed across your nails in a single direction avoiding the tips. 
    2. Take the light green buffing panel and draw it rapidly back and forth across the top of your nails. This will assist in stimulating circulation underneath the nail which will in turn promote faster, stronger, and healthier nail growth.
    3.  Now to polish your nails with the white buffing panel. This is where the magic happens. Watch before your eyes, the shiniest nails you have ever seen sans nail polish! 


    Step 5: Now your nails are shaped and polished with brilliant natural shine, it’s time to show the rest of your hands some love. Apply a little Nourishing Cuticle Oil to moisturize your nails and give your talons a natural boost. This treatment should be applied over the nails and tips of your fingers and massaged in until all absorbed. Then to wrap up your treatment, slather our Hand & Nail Perfection Cream over the entirety of your hands to provide all day protection and hydration. You can also re-apply the Hand & Nail Perfection Cream any time that you feel the need. 


    So, there you have it, the perfect at home insta-ready mani-pedi with the help of our Total Care for Hands & Nails Kit. The beauty of natural nails cannot be ignored, and we are so confident that the results will have you rethinking your nail salon visits! 


    The Origani Team xo