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Origani 12 Month Transformation - March - Constant Learning

March 10, 2021

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

Constant Learning

One of the most important things in life is to never stop learning. Some may say that your educational journey stops when you graduate from high school or college, but those who go furthest are those who continue to seek knowledge long after their formal education has ended.

That's why this month's theme for our Origani 12 Month Transformation is Constant Learning. 

The great thing about continuing to discover new knowledge and skills outside of the standard system is that you can focus on things that interest you! Got a passion for cooking? Make it your mission to master a new recipe each week. Super interested in wildlife and environmental conservation but didn't want to turn it into your career? Invest your efforts in learning about initiatives such as Tree Nation's projects and supporting those that spark joy for you. 

We're not partnering up with anyone specific this month, as everyone's interests will send them in a different direction on their quest for knowledge, but we will be sharing some ideas on our socials each week so if you're not following our Instagram and Facebook, make sure you head over and do so so you don't miss any content!

We'd also absolutely love it if you shared what you'll be focusing on learning (and who or what you'll be doing it with) in the comments below so that those who aren't quite sure what they want to learn can get some ideas 😊

P.S. We participate in Tree Nation's 1 Product, 1 Tree program, so for every product purchased on origani.com.au you'll receive your very own tree. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Tree Nation with the details after you receive your order confirmation from us!