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Vegan skincare? Here’s some stuff you may not know…

October 31, 2022

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

vegan based skincare

ou may be hearing the beauty buzzword, Veganism. There is no doubt that consumer preferences for vegan skincare formulas is growing exponentially and so we waned to share with you why people are gravitating to it and incorporating such formulas into their skincare regimes! But before we go there, let us tell you what vegan skincare actually means.

Vegan skincare refers to any skincare formulation that is free from animal products and by-products and those nasty pesticides that animals are subject to in certain farming environments. In short, none of the ingredients were sourced from or originated with an animal. Vegan skincare preparations are in fact, mostly plant derived.

Essentially, if you adopt some vegan-friendly products into your regime, you are minimising harm to animals, the planet, and human beings. No that’s what we call conscious, happy beauty!

Here is a list of some skin benefits of using vegan-based skincare that you may not have even known about! Vegan-sourced ingredients/formulas:

  • Are often more concentrated and potent delivering A+ results on the skin.
  • Contain fewer in any chemical irritants so your skin stays healthy, calm and toxin-free.
  • Are generally environmentally friendly helping to support a better planet.
  • Are more likely to be biocompatible. This means such ingredients are well-matched and readily accepted by human skin.
  • Are healing, calming, balancing and antioxidant/vitamin rich.

You can obviously skip past the first section or two if you’re already in your element. We just wanted this information to be useful to everybody (and we want you all to try our delicious meals) so we’ve included a brief explanation!

Committed to helping create a world that is kinder and safer for the animal kingdom, the planet and your skin, Origani offers a comprehensive assortment of vegan-friendly skincare and makeup options, utilising organic, plant-based ingredients and is cruelty-free on all levels.

Some of our best vegan formulas include results-proven ingredients like aloe vera, essential oils, peptides, natural hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and Kakadu plum. The list goes on!

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