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The Minimalist Beauty Trend of 2020

April 24, 2019

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

The Minimalist Beauty

Sometimes we feel like spending half an hour on perfecting our brows or indulging in a luxury 30-minute skin pampering session on a self-spoiling night in. Sometimes we just don’t have that sort of time to commit to our beauty rituals and sometimes we simply don’t care to.

You have probably heard of ‘Minimalist Beauty’ at some point or another. It’s certainly a big topic now in the world of cosmetics. So, what does it actually mean? Well, it can mean a couple of different things depending on how you want to interpret it. To outline its understanding, Minimalist Beauty can ultimately mean embracing:

1. Simplification: Cutting down on excessive beauty products and adopting a simplified beauty routine that is time efficient and easy to perform

2. Clean skincare practices: a more natural philosophy to beauty with less synthetic ingredients and chemical additives used in products

3. Barely-there makeup: Using minimal colour essentials for that fresh-faced look to effortlessly highlight your natural beauty

4. A skin focus: It’s more about your complexion and less about bold colour and glam makeup

Undeniably, it’s a very appealing trend that has influenced even the most product-obsessed beauty enthusiasts. This is probably because at some point, we all desire some sort of simplification.

For those of us who love an indulgent ‘layered approach’ to cosmetics and are happy to put in the time to complete it, there are always those occasions where we don’t have time, or we need to pair it all back a little (e.g. while on vacation). So, whether it is for a day, a week, just on the weekends or every day of the week, keeping it minimal has its perks.



Our skincare and make-up winter refresh (where we clean out our products and make room for some new alternatives) is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time of year to warm up and nurture your skin with natural ‘clean’ formulations.

And let’s be honest, there are just some days where we will want to stay under the doona a little longer on frosty mornings where our time is of the essence! Let’s look at how you can incorporate some Minimalist Beauty philosophies into your routine.



While the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ based skincare category is still the fastest growing movement by far, there are really two types of beauty habits that are dominating the cosmetics industry at present: the multi-layered approach and the minimalist approach. One is not better that the other. If fact, as discussed earlier, many people like to switch them up interchangeably according to their lifestyle needs.

Minimalist Beauty embodies a simpler skincare routine. Think of it like a ‘diet’ for your skincare. This means fewer products (for both AM and PM use) that are also multi-tasking and still formulated with the best active ingredients. A streamlined regime should look as follows: an all-in -one cleanser-toner, a serum/treatment, an exfoliating mask, and all-rounder moisturiser and eye product.

It also means adopting more natural and organic skincare philosophies (including vegan alternatives) due to their exclusion of well-known avoidable synthetic additives. Less chemicals equals more comfort, giving the skin a chance to breathe a little while absorbing more biocompatible natural actives. Of course, this does not mean a lesser overall product experience: going to a higher-end green brand now means you don't have to compromise on sensorial pleasure, luxurious textures and superior product performance any more.

Top pick skincare multitaskers:

Ageless by Nature Green Caviar Supernatural Butter: the ultimate five- in-one anti-ageing energising skincare treatment (mask, treatment, moisturiser, illuminator and primer)
Erda Manuka Honey Peel: a three-in-one resurfacing treatment (exfoliates, hydrates and fights ageing and congestion and evens skin tone)
Erda Daily Glow Toning Cleanser: a two-in-one deep cleansing treatment (gently cleanses, tones and promotes healing)
Immortajell Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream: a three-in-one eye treatment (combats lines, wrinkles and dehydration and brightens)
Origani assorted Skincare Collections: all-you-need 3-step regimes for effortless yet superior skincare results



    Minimalist Beauty is an almost ‘freedom trend’ where we stop following the latest fancy time-consuming makeup trends that are flashed about in glossy mags or on Instagram. You are absolutely free to get your full-effect glam on whenever you like (and let’s face it, it’s totally fun) but you are also beautiful enough to brave a barer face whenever you wish. It’s all about the freedom to choose.

    There are three principles to Minimalist Beauty in the world of colour:

    Pair it back: ditch the intensity of glam makeup trends and go for a fresher natural look or pick one feature of your face to focus on and go with it (e.g., lips or eyes)
    Choose good-for-you products: with more natural formulations that also incorporate skincare benefits
    Wear make-up smartly: let your products work for you in a multitude of ways


      Top pick skincare multitaskers:

      Mineral Foundation: your foundation should be as beneficial to your skin as your skincare is. Remember, make-up is only as good as your skin. Opt for a quality made foundation and go a sheer coverage natural finish (preferably mineral-based).
      Bronzer: your bronzer should offer diversity with the ability to contour, deepen your overall complexion, and define your eye socket. Go semi-matte, with a not too shimmery finish. Learn more about our bronzer here.
      Eyeshadow: use a darker matte eyeshadow to both line the outer lids of your eyes and define your brows (brows are a great way to add definition and structure to the eye area).
      Mineral blush: highlight and define your cheeks with naturally flushed shades to create a fresh healthy glow on-the-go.
      Lip balm: it’s all about clear hydrated lips but if you want a little more than that, mix in some pigment from your mineral blush/bronzer to create a flattering custom colour lip colour.


        So, in wrapping it up, it’s true to say that they best thing about beauty is that there is never an all-or-nothing option. The world of beauty represents a way of self-expression and Minimalist Beauty is but one option.

        Simplistic beauty routines, cleaner more natural skincare options and barely-there effortless makeup looks all define Minimalist Beauty.

        Whether you choose minimal beauty options due to a more pure, conscious living commitment, a way to save some time and money or simply because you prefer the way it makes you look and feel, the trend is undeniably a great source of inspiration to so many of us.

        Many hail it simply as a ‘trend’, but due to its practical, appealing and timeless nature, ‘Minimalist Beauty’ will always be here to stay – whenever you like, however you like, your way.

        Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.