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The 5 Super Power Ingredients You Want to Find in Your Skincare

March 20, 2019

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

 Ingredients Skincare for your health




Without a doubt, nothing gets your glow on as well as a good dose of AHA’s in your skincare.

Its power:

Two things are generally responsible for dull skin; environmental aggressors and ageing – the process of cellular turnover becomes sluggish, leaving dead skin lingering on the surface longer. AHA’s work to combat this. Mostly found in foods (glycolic, citric and lactic acid), these natural water-soluble acids exfoliate your skin by gently and evenly removing surface dead skin cells by breaking down the glue that holds the cells together.

Used for:

Most skin types but particularly for dry and dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, blemish prone and dull skin.

The result:

Fresh and hydrated skin that is incredibly smooth and soft. It also helps diminish dry fine lines, uneven skin tone and flakiness.

Why else do you need to use it: AHA’s promote stronger elasticity and natural moisture retention in the skin too!

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Arguably the very best acne fighting skincare ingredient Is the beta hydroxy acid (BHA), Salicylic acid (derived from Willow Bark, the same place Aspirin comes from).

Its power:

This BHA is both water and oil soluble meaning it can break through oil (sebum), penetrate deeply into the pores to break down dead skin cells, debris and excess oil, for a supreme deep clean. We also love it because it won’t dry out your skin like other traditional acne products can. Oh, and it’s an anti-inflammatory, so it also calms the nasty redness of those pesky angry spots.

Used for:

Oily skin, congestion and breakouts.

The result:

Clearer, calmer more balanced skin.

Why else do you need to use it: when used regularly, Salicylic acid works wonders as a breakout preventative.

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When it comes to anti-ageing skincare innovation, nothing has quite compared to peptide use in skincare.

Its power:

Essentially, peptides are short strains of amino acids, so think of them like little ‘proteins.’ Peptides can be synthetically made or sourced directly from plants. They earn their smarts in skincare for their ability to act as ‘intracellular communicators’ for the three layers of the skin –they signal the job that needs to be done from the top down.

Used for:

Peptides are mainly identified for producing collagen, however, there are so many different varieties that each of them can actually target a whole range of other skin concerns – so, think of a skin concern, and guaranteed, there will be a peptide for it (healing, skin tone evening, muscle toning etc).

The result:

Dramatically younger and fresher looking skin that behaves more healthily.

Why else do you need to use it: look for a product that includes a peptide cocktail/complex (many peptides). It will yield the greatest visible results – the more the better!

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Millions of beauty enthusiasts have adored the mega moisture surge from this highly effective acid!

Its power:

As we age, apart from wrinkles, we also lose volume and hydration in the skin. Naturally found in the body, Hyaluronic acid (a carbohydrate molecule), necessarily repairs, lubricates and hydrates the body’s vital components. Often found in good quality serums and moisturisers, Hyaluronic acid works as a ‘humectant’ which means its takes moisture from the environment and holds onto it. In fact, it carries 1000 times its weight in water, meaning after applying it topically, your skin is going to stay well hydrated for quite some time!

As we age though, Hyaluronic acid levels drop, making it harder for our skin to retain its necessary moisture. So, to illustrate this, think of a babies’ skin, round and plump; now picture a more mature skin showing greater signs of dullness, thinning and lack of firmness. The protective barrier on top of the skin and its underlying firmness is compromised.

Used for:

Dry and dehydrated skin, ageing and sun-damaged skin.

The result:

The result: plumper, rehydrated skin with a minimised appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Why else do you need to use it: Hyaluronic acid also contain antioxidant properties that work to protect and defend daily internal and external aggressors.

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Indeed, this vitamin is the all-rounder skin hero. No other skincare ingredient has been as tried, tested and researched as much as Vitamin C. It is universally established that when formulated, packaged and applied properly, its effect is one of the most powerful defences against overall skin ageing and environmental damage.

Its power:

This cult ingredient has three key benefits: It protects and repairs the skin from the effects of the sun’s harmful rays, it is vital for collagen production, and it offers supreme antioxidant protection.

Used for:

Age-prevention, lines and wrinkles, skin discolouration and dull skin.

The result:

Vitamin C is beneficial to use for any age and skin type. However, its well-known effects are correlated to a reduction in wrinkles, a more even skin tone and a boost in the skin’s overall radiance. Additionally, most forms of Vitamin C are now suitable for even very sensitive skin that needs a perk up.

Why else do you need to use it: using a good quality Vitamin C formula that is also well packaged is essential. Being a very sensitive vitamin, the molecules need to be micro encapsulated and stored in air tight packaging to prevent oxidation and destabilisation.

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