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The 5 Don'ts of Face Masking

May 22, 2019

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

The Don'ts of Face Masking

So you have learned about The 5 Dos of Face Masking and why face masks are so fab.

Let find out The 5 Don'ts of Face Masking now!



Skip the step.

Be sure to make the usage of a face mask a weekly habit. Why? It enhances the performance of your everyday skincare routine and gives your skin a consistent boost of nutrients, rebalancing the complexion for optimum skin behaviour.


Remove the mask in the wrong manner.

When washing off the mask, be sure not to use too cool or too hot water and do not harshly rub your face dry with a towel as doing so can stress the skin. Use a warm face washer and press onto the skin gently for a few seconds to make product removal easier.


Use a harsh exfoliator directly before mask application.

While it is fine to do a gentle exfoliation before a moisturising mask, steer clear of doing one prior to brightening or problem skin formulas – such masks will probably have chemical exfoliants in them and can be a little stronger so it’s best to avoid overstimulating the skin.


Apply too much product!

Generally, a thin layer of product is all you need for the mask to be most effective. Anymore, and its wasteful. Yes, you need to look as though you are wearing a mask, but if it’s not completely dry by the time it is ready to take off, you have used too much.


Apply the mask too close to the eyes.

The eye area is the finest and most fragile part of the face. Loading up the area with highly active ingredients and setting clay can dry out the area, making it red and flaky. Pop some eye cream on prior to mask application to prevent the mask bleeding inwards towards the eyes.


Now you have the Do’s and Don’ts of face masking down pat, you are ready to mask it up! Ultimately, no matter what skin concerns you are facing, masks are designed to ultimately revive and refresh the complexion here and now. You will reap the best results if you select a formula that is right for your skin type and skin concerns and that includes superior ingredients, you use it regularly, and you maintain your skin with a good skincare routine on an everyday basis. So tonight, fill a bath, light a candle and layer on some masking goodness. Your skin and mind will love it!


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