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Origani Immortajell Instant Wrinkle & Puffiness Remover: Why Do We Call It The 1 Minute Miracle?

August 16, 2019

Posted by Beauty Advisor


Our eyes reveal the most about us. In fact, the eyes often convey more than our actual words do. Those lines, especially around the eyes, convey a life lived with emotion, depth, and experience and there is something so beautiful and genuine about that.

But as we know, the ageing signs are bitter-sweet: they can also make us look tired, drained and older than we actually are. For a part of us that is so powerful, it’s no surprise that the eyes are often one of the first places we want to target to look and feel our best.

Two of the biggest skin indicators of advanced ageing are crow’s feet (lines on the side of the eyes) and under-eye puffiness. Youthful looking peepers can make all the difference in making us look fresher, more alert and even younger. And so, the Research and Development team at Origani committed themselves to sourcing the best cosmetic technology and ingredients to deliver a product that does exactly that – an instant wrinkle remover. And, we nailed it.



With its outstanding ability to rapidly plump your wrinkles from the inside out (yes even the deepest ones!) you no longer need to wait for visible results.

Immortajell Instant Wrinkle and Puffiness Remover is designed to work as a topical ‘Botox’ alternative and/or support without the needle, pain and potential risks, while delivering rivalled results.

In fact, while Botox takes about 1-2 weeks to fully peak, our Immortajell anti-wrinkle hero product takes only a minute. and while the eyes are a great place to target it with, it can be applied to all other wrinkles on the face.

Results also last for approximately 6 hours. However, before we delve into how this innovative formula works, let’s learn about why wrinkles and puffiness happen in the first place.



As we age, three things happen:

1. The skin cell renewal process slows down

2. Collagen and Elastin diminishes in supply

3. Facial muscles weaken and drop


This leads to thinning, dryness and sagginess leaving the skin more fragile, lined and weaker. Let’s look at facial muscles. All 43 of them become weaker, contributing to an aged appearance. They are weakened by facial expressions: repeated muscle contractions happen when we are thinking, frowning, and smiling, and over time, lead to permanent visible wrinkles.

As the muscles gradually lose tone and ‘drop,’ the skin also crinkles around them. It is then essentially more difficult for the skin to recover and spring back into shape.



Encased in a unique precision syringe for targeted application, is an extraordinary muscle relaxing, smoothing and skin plumping complex that IMMEDIATELY works to treat facial expression lines and under-eye puffiness. The 4 masterful key ingredients include:

Peptides: Amino acids that temporarily inhibit muscle movement, reducing expression wrinkles formation and depth. They are the most powerful anti-wrinkle fighters.

Sericin/Hydrolysed Silk: Hydrolysed Silk that softens skin for a silkier and smoother texture reducing the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness.

Hyaluronic acid: An anti-wrinkle humectant molecule that plumps and hydrates the skin to fill our dry lines.

AHA’s: A fruit acid blend that exfoliates and resurfaces to brighten and renew the skin.



Immediate results:

✓ Expression lines remarkably fade away in seconds
✓ Facial contours are lifted and tightened
✓ Under-eye puffiness is diminished in appearance
✓ Skin will be plumped and lifted with an ‘air-brushed’ finish and silky texture


    Long term results:

    Superfood ACAI FRUIT EXTRACT is a great anti-ageing ingredient that works to repair and prevent future damage as it contains more antioxidants than any other known fruit on the planet!


    So, to wrap up, I leave you with a message from Atticus. “The prettiest eyes sparkle from the inside out.” And yet there are also times when life takes it out of us, and it shows. There are also those times where we simply desire to look our very best for momentous occasions. IMMORTAJELL INSTANT WRINKLE AND PUFFINESS REMOVER is a must for such times. It truly is modern anti-ageing innovative cosmetic technology at its best.


    And remember, your eyes are your most mesmerising asset, so be sure to take care of them as well with a good daily anti-ageing eye cream!

    Love, the Origani team XX

    Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.