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Let's Talk About The 'A' Word - Ageing [Part 2]

March 20, 2019

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

Let's Talk About The 'A' Word - Ageing


Let's continue our journey of understanding ageing! This blog talks about the processes behind ageing and the visible signs of ageing and our general advice for your skin.

Kindly visit [Part 1] of this blog to understand more about skin ageing and the direct causes of it.


Collagen and Elastin proteins (connective tissue) that are responsible for the structure, strength and flexibility of the skin diminish causing lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
Fat and muscle mass decline leaving the skin hollow and sagging.
Less hyaluronic acid (water in skin) and sebaceous oil is naturally produced which dries out the skin leaving it sensitive, fragile and thin.
Melanin production triggered over the years leaves its mark through visible age spots and an uneven complexion.
The normal 28-day skin cell turnover cycle and the skin’s circulation processes become sluggish too, ultimately leaving a rougher textured complexion.


    The consequences of these processes or the end result, and what we actually see, are outlined below:



    Initial signs – Epidermis (top layer of skin) is generally affected.

    Fine lines and wrinkles
    Rough skin texture
    Skin discoloration

    Advanced signs – Dermis and Hypodermis (middle and bottom layers of skin) are generally affected.

    Age spots
    Loss of elasticity and sagging skin
    Loss of volume and fat
    Dryness and skin fragility
    Sensitivity and broken capillaries


      So now that we are equipped with the knowledge of how, why, and when the skin ages both naturally and prematurely, let’s take a look at what we can do to look after our skin as best as we possibly can…





      1. Select a cleanser and moisturiser that is suitable to your skin type.
      2. Select your treatments (serum, eye cream, mask etc) based on any anti-ageing skin conditions you may have (i.e. wrinkles or pigmentation)



      Morning: Protect and prevent. Your skin faces the harshness of the environment and its elements during the day. Focus on moisture, antioxidants and sunscreen.
      Evening: Restore and replenish. The body goes through a process of healing and repairing when you sleep. You can further assist this natural biological process by replacing those lost essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and lipids.



        Use products that include a healthy dose of proven anti-ageing ingredients including antioxidants, peptides, vitamins a and c, AHA’s, Hyaluronic acid, lipids and ceramides to name a few.



        Fine lines and wrinkles: Immortajell, Ageless By Nature Green Caviar Super Natural Butter
        Rough skin texture: Erda Manuka Honey Peel, Activating Thermal Peel Collection

        Skin discoloration & Age spots: Complexion Perfection

          Loss of elasticity and sagging skin: Ageless By Nature

            Loss of volume and fat: Immortajell

            Dehydration: Immortajell

            All aging concerns: 24K Gold Collection








            ✓ Cleanse skin gently avoiding harsh soaps or astringent based formulas
            ✓ Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen – even on cloudy overcast days
            ✓ Avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives in your skincare products
            ✓ Don’t over exfoliate (1-2X a week is plenty)
            ✓ Use a good quality eye cream, facial serum and treatment mask containing proven beneficial skin ingredients
            ✓ Apply a moisturiser X2 daily suitable to your skin type
            ✓ Add anti-ageing hand and neck creams to your ritual - these areas are giveaways to your age– you will thank me later!
            ✓ Adopt a healthy diet (cut out excess refined sugar and carbohydrates)
            ✓ Avoid the sun if possible, from 10-3pm
            ✓ Continue habitual physical activity
            ✓ Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake
            ✓ Get any moles regularly checked
            ✓ Enjoy lukewarm showers
            ✓ Adopt the use of a satin pillow (and sleep on your back if you can!)
            ✓ Get 8 hours sleep a night and commit to some health-giving R&R time when you can.

            So, in bringing it all to a close, its important to summarise what the key take outs are in the journey of physically ageing well.

            Caring about your appearance is often associated with vanity, however, we also all know that when you look your best you often feel your best, so why not right?

            We all know the saying “age is a state of mind.” It’s not your actual age that matters because you can look fabulous any time. Gaining a more mature appearance can be desirable, beautiful, sexy, and confidence boosting. Case in point, Helen Mirren. The focus needs to be about avoiding the nasty and unhealthy causes behind premature ageing.

            I guess the bottom line is, love and be kind to yourself and your body.

            Happiness, sleep, healthy lifestyle habits and emotional joy all significantly boost your chances of a positive ageing experience. Additionally, skincare has come such a long way in terms of the preventative and corrective results that can be achieved.

            A daily protective and replenishing natural skincare ritual is a must – it is such a beautiful time to take care of you.

            Whenever I ask someone with beautiful skin what their secret is, it is always the same answer, “I look after it!” As Eleanor Roosevelt once famously remarked, “beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful older people are works of art!”

            Origani is an Australian luxury organic skincare brand. We proudly formulate and produce cruelty-free, certified organic, vegan skincare and makeup.