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It's All in The Eyes [Part 2]

April 04, 2019

Posted by Moniruz Zaman

It's All in The Eyes [Part 2]

After getting a deep understanding of Lines & Wrinkles and Puffiness in [Part 1], we believe Dark Circles and Eyebags can't be left out of your concerns. The second part of this blog will also give you 4 Ultimate Tips For Looking After Your Eye Area!

So... Let's continue!


We have all had them at one time or another. Those racoon-like dark rings under our eyes, purplish or bluish in hue, that can present a rather unwanted fatigued and dull look. Micro vessels under/around the eye can become permeable and leak fluid and subsequently the blood pools under the eyes causing a bruised like appearance.

Causes: The natural ageing process is largely responsible for the cause of dark circles, as volume loss under the eyes and thinning of the skin occur. There is also a strong genetic link to dark circles: a family history, your natural skin tone and inherited eye shape are some such well known causes. When it comes to skin tone, it seems eye area dark circles take no favourites: fair-skinned individuals have more transparency leaving more visible veins and darker skinned people have more pigment, darkening the skin under their eyes and lids. A hollower or deep-set eye shape can also cast a shadow, making dark circles look more obvious.

What can I do? The goal is to ultimately minimise the appearance of the blood vessels under the skin. To do this, we need to minimise blood pooling and toxin build-up in the eye area by sleeping more, rubbing the eyes less, and reducing eye strain. Additionally, lowering sun exposure can reduce melanin production in the area. Camouflage with good colour correcting light-reflecting concealer and opt for a mineral base to avoid any potential unwanted eye irritation.

Must- have key actives in your eye treatment:

Vitamin C (particularly Ascorbyl glucoside)

Radiance boosting and skin lightening

Vitamin A

Strengthens and thickens skin

Cucumber and Aloe Vera

Anti-inflammatories – cools and calms


Origani solution:

Erda Eye Gel Concentration

Erda Deep Wrinkle Treatment


Although generally harmless, eye baggage it one of the most common yet bothersome beauty complaints we hear about.The term ‘undereye bags’ are often interchangeably used to define eye puffiness however they are actually the result of the three most common eye area concerns coming together: puffiness, dark circles and natural ageing (sagging/lines etc).

Causes: The true definition of bags comes from skin laxity, with fat moving lower into the bottom eyelids. Puffiness occurs due excess fluid retention and darker circles from the skin thinning out. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable to a degree. It’s simply a part of ageing for some.

What can I do? To tackle eye bags, a good all-rounder eye treatment to target lines/sagginess, dark circles and puffiness is required. Additionally, exempting the common culprits listed above in each eye concern will dramatically help in minimising their appearance.

Origani solution:

Immortajell Wrinkle Diffusing Eye Cream

Immortajell Instant Wrinkle and Puffiness Reducer



1. Adopt a hardworking eye cream

The debate sometimes still arises: is an eye product truly necessary? Why can’t I just use my other facial products around that area? The answer to that is, if you are serious about combatting your eye area frustrations, then certainly invest in a treatment specifically designed for the eyes.

Good eye creams have been designed differently to other facial products for a reason: as detailed earlier, the eye area is much thinner and more fragile compared to other areas of the face.

An eye cream is designed with a smaller molecular structure and alternative supportive delivery systems (key actives) in mind. Also, as the area is so delicate, using ingredients from other facial products may be too heavy or acidic, potentially causing inflammation/irritation and hence unnecessary signs of premature ageing.

Look for:

Proven ingredients that strengthen the skin around the eye area (as listed above)

A multi-tasking formula designed to combat several eye area concerns

Packaging with a pump cylinder that prevents bacteria growth and provides the perfect dosage

A chemical free formula that won’t disrupt the delicate eye area (fragrance, preservatives, alcohol etc.)

If you are concerned with dryness, lines and wrinkles, opt for a cream formula as they are generally more nourishing and effective. A gel formula is terrific for puffiness.


2. It’s all in the application

To apply, use the finger that gives the least resistance (ring finger)
Dab in circular motions right around the occipital bone in an anti-clockwise direction. This stimulates all eye muscles and at the same time, improves circulation, moving any stubborn pooled blood and toxins
Don’t rub, pull or stretch the eye area when applying
Only apply to the eyelid if the product instructs it’s safe to do so
Don’t apply too close to the eye as cream travels and may aggravate the inside of the eyes
If you suffer from puffiness, swelling or bags, keep your eye treatment in the fridge for an added refreshingly cooling and calming effect
Don’t use an eye cream that is designed for a more mature skin than you have. Using a very rich formula will not necessarily give you any more preventative protection from ageing, and it may also be too rich for you, causing adverse effects


3. ‘Fake it until you make it’

Sometimes we all just need a little extra help to look as fresh as a daisy right NOW. Accordingly, be sure to also invest in in these eye make-up must-haves:

A colour correcting concealer, preferably look for a creamy formula that is mineral based and has hydrating light reflecting properties (weblink)

A white pencil in the rim of the eyes to open them up and brighten the area

A well-defined brow to add shape, contour and lift to our eyes (weblink)


4. Listen to what your eyes are telling you

So ‘the eyes don’t lie.’ If you are looking tired and fatigued, puffy and dark, it’s also time to reflect on why.

Life has a way of showing on our face, and the eyes are indeed the place it usually happens first. Get some early nights, take time to chill, replenish those lost fluids, and nourish your body with essential nutrients. And while preparing that fresh green salad bowl, get some cold cucumbers out and pop them on your peepers!


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